The Image Sound Dialogue

„The Image Sound Dialogue“ is a sound art performance which had it’s premiere at the ArtNow Gallery in Berlin Auguststrasse 35 on 29th October 2018.

The concept of the performance is that the sound artist Felix Urban creates a musical interpretation of an artist’s paintings. This unique sound composition is then played back during an event or exhibition opening. It allows for visitors not only to hear a short musical approach on visual images but also to experience a dynamic performance, which can accompany the exhibting artist’s talk on some of her or his exhibitied images.

In the case of Nina Fowler’s solo exhibition „Who wants to see a dame go blind?“ Felix Urban developed the sound composition based on the following observation:

„On the first sight, Nina Fowler’s drawings give a positive impression and show a lot of movement, with showing dancing couples, etc. However, when one knows the origin of these images and the stories they are taken from, they convey quite a serious and challenging meaning. In my search for a musical expression of this dualism, I found an equivalent for this in the first bars of many Jazz songs. Interestingly, they quite often begin with ambigious harmonies or dramatic drum rolls. Thus, for six pictures of Nina’s exhibtion, I created music coullages that are made out of Jazz-Intros only.“

– Felix Urban (2018)